Here is a selection of presentations. For a full list, click the Curriculum Vitae button.

Rondeau, S. (2018, November).Creating an e-book revolution through training. Poster Presentation at the Charleston Conference, Charleston, S.C. (Peer Reviewed).

Rondeau, S.M. (2017, November). Leveraging library student assistants for digital projects. Poster Presentation at the Central Plains Network for Digital Asset Management (Peer Reviewed).

Rondeau, S.M. (2017, June). Digitization in the classroom: Teaching undergraduates the art of digitizing history. Presented at the DHSI Colloquium, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. (Peer Reviewed).
Rondeau, S.M. (2017, March). Open spaces: Prairie girl in a digital world. Presentation for the Fridays with Faculty series, Virginia Wesleyan University, Virginia Beach, VA.

Rondeau, S.M., & Vaughn, J.L., (2015, June). Facilitating discovery of historic sound recordings: Rethinking subject access. Presentation at the IAML Congress, New York, NY (Peer Reviewed).

Rondeau, S.M., (2015, June). Names along the way: Authorized access points for persons and corporate bodies identified in a historic sound recording collection. Presentation at the CAML Conference, Ottawa, ON (Peer Reviewed).

 Rondeau, S.M., & Vaughn, J.L., (2015, February). Dating 78s: or how I learned to stop worrying and love Columbias. Presentation at Music OCLC User Group Annual Meeting, Denver, CO (Peer Reviewed). 

Rondeau, S.M., (2014, May). The sounds inside the library walls: An examination of three national library digital sound recording collections. Presentation at the CAML Conference, St. Catharines, ON (Peer Reviewed).

Rondeau, W.G., (2013, June). Capturing community through broadcasting: The betamax transfer digitization project. Poster session at the Association of Canadian Archivists Conference, Winnipeg, MB (Peer Reviewed).